Q. What made you decide to start your site lorsha?
A.My at the time husband asked me if he could put up some photos of my swallow on some of the newsgroups that he visited, and I said to him, why not. I was curious to see the responses that the men would have of me. Well let me tell you, it was quite overwhelming to say the least! We recieved 100's of emails in just a couple of days, asking for more, more, hehe. The thought of knowing men were actually seeing me thrill my husband, was such a HUGE turn on for me; it was at this point, I came into my SEXUAL own. We started selling our videos on the internet, in September 1st, 2000. Giving oral sex, and recieving cum in my mouth, on my face, and all over me, has become a favorite thing to do. I have searched and so many sites these days have these so called AMATEUR women, who are passed off, by some professional company, as an amateur when in fact, you can find their pictures, and videos all over the internet. I had seen very few, GENUINE amateur sites, that actually deliver the goods as promised. We launched our new members site in December of 2001.

I like to get "UP close and PERSONAL" with my members as well, and you never know what will be happening next!
More then anything Lorshasworld.com is simply just an extension of my life. I just LOVE being the center of attention. And it seems that since I turned 40 years old, I really came into my "sexual own". I simply cannot get it often enough and variety is the spice of life. The more people I can suck and fuck, the more I like it. So I figured, why not share my swinging cum loving lifestyle with others. I have a LOT of fun shooting movies with people, and I just love being all wet and horny, knowing you guys are jerking off, while you watch me. It is so satisfying and thrilling for me, you have no idea!

Q. I wrote you an email lorsha, was it really you that responded to me?
A. It sure was! I just love getting email. It can be a bit overwhelming at times, but I sincerely do enjoy hearing from you guys. I usually sit down first thing in the morning to reply to my mail, and then again at night before I go to bed.

Q. Would you consider yourself submissive?
A. Oh absolutely I am submissive. And I would not have it any other way. Sex is so much different for a man then it is a woman in the visual sense. I know for certain from the literally tens of thousands of emails I have received over the years, that the cumshot is by far the favorite visual for most men. And for sure the male is always in the dominant position for the cumshot, hehe! I LOVE pleasing men, so for me being submissive and giving men exactly what they want is VERY fulfiling and exciting for me. Not to mention it makes me very horny just watching the guy(s) I am doing!

I love your website lorsha, who designed it for you?
A. That would be me darling!, I just love it when its time to post a new update into my members area, and then I get a bunch of emails all about it the next day. It is a LOT of fun. I could not imagine doing anything else, other then my site.

Q. Do you enjoy anal sex?
A. I don't know if I can honestly say I enjoy it; although I do not mind it. I love having a guy finger my pussy and clit, while he is in my ass; but sometimes I have trouble relaxing enough to cum. Other times, I have a great orgasm though.

Q. Do you really enjoy swallowing cum?
Seriously; I would be kidding you if I told you, I just love the flavor; but I certainly don't mind the taste. And I do enjoy that it varies from time to time. To me cum is sex, cum is excitement, cum is the ultimate finale. Most men would tell you, that their favorite place to cum, would be in a womans mouth. But let's face it; many men have never, or will never have that chance. I just LOVE to fulfill mens fantasies; and enjoy doing that through my site. And now that I am having cumplay fun with some of my members as well, that is even better!

Q. What are my chances of filming with you for your website?
A. Every question you may have about that, is answered on this page:
Film with Lorsha

Q. Do you have a favorite sexual position?
A. There is no question about this one. Doggy style all the way! First of all, there is no position that gives better penetration then this one, and I have my best orgasms this way as well. Not to mention there is plenty of room in front of me, for a cock or a pussy. Sometimes even two! Yummy!

Q. What are your measurements, and other vitals?
A. Age: 40 "ish" Pick one.*smile* Stats: 36C - 25 - 34 Height: 5' 3" Weight: 121 lbs. Eyes: Green
Hair: Medium brown Turn Ons: Sexy eyes, humor Turn Offs: Obnoxious guys Favorite food: Pizza!
Favorite TV show: Amazing race Favorite movie: Braveheart Favorite color: Green

~ Hugs & Kisses, Lorsha

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